Amanda Nygaard Designs

Amanda Nygaard Designs is a home decor and custom build business that prides itself in attention to detail for their handmade creations.  Products ranging from geometric wood wall art, hand painted signs, and shelving units are a few of the items that she has sold on her social media pages, craft fairs, and in her Etsy shop.  

The concept for Amanda Nygaard Designs has been on Amanda's mind for years but was not put into effect until the summer of 2016 when she was on maternity leave.  Her love for DIY projects can be seen throughout her and her husband's home and after hearing many compliments from family and friends, she took the leap and started her handmade business.  Inspiration is drawn from nature and patterned prints that surround her everyday life.  

Questions?  Visit her contact page to inquire about custom work or selling wholesale.