Baby Wearing


Our little girl is almost three months old already. I seriously can not believe how fast time has been going since I have been on maternity leave. I remember the day Shay was born and how sunny it was shining into our hospital room.

Having a baby in the spring has made things so enjoyable around here. With the weather being so nice, we have been able to get out and enjoy the fresh air daily. With a toddler around, it only takes a minute to get out of the house. Compared to the winter? Putting on snow pants, a hat, coat, gloves, and boots is a little bit of a process. And that is only when there is no wind chill and it is bearable outside to play in the snow.

While we make those walks around the block or explore in our backyard, I am most often wearing our baby. Not only do I love being extra close to her, but I also get to have my hands free! Free to turn on the water for the sprinkler, free to load our son into the wagon, or free to just hold a cup of coffee. In my opinion, some type of baby carrier is a must for a parent with more than one child.

We have the Ergo and I love it. But to be honest, it is the only one I have used. I had to talk my husband into getting one with all of our Target gift cards after our baby showers before our first was born, and I'm so glad I did. With how much use I get out of it, I am thankful it is made ergonomically to reduce the chances of experiencing back pain for the wearer.

I just wanted to share a little glimpse of my mom-life and try to help any parent or soon to be parent out there with what has worked for us.