December 1st! The Christmas spirit is in full swing around here. Decorations are up, winter scents are in the warmers, and an abundance of baked goods have been filling up our home ever since Thanksgiving.  As for the digital world, I have been noticing a lot of my favorite IG accounts sharing their #blogmas captions about their intentions to blog daily for the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas.  I have decided to join in on the fun and attempt this challenge as well!  My intentions are to share more behind the scenes of my creative process of the custom projects I have been receiving these past few weeks.

Tonight I made a new sign that will be donated as a door prize to a woman's expo that I will be attending as a vendor this coming weekend.  It is hard to believe my last craft fair was nearly six months ago.  My strategy this time around is a bit different than before.  Instead of bringing items that are ready to be purchased, I will be showcasing examples and will be taking custom pre-orders that can either be delivered or shipped upon completion.  I have found that I enjoy making items with someone in mind.  Knowing exactly who will be taking the piece into their home makes me enjoy the process so much more.  

Keep on the look-out for a follow-up post  in the near future as part of my blogmas challenge.