Carrie - Freckled Designs Co.


Blog Series: Morris Makers

Maker/Owner: Carrie Kramer

Business Name: Freckled Designs Co.  

Carrie and I met nearly five years ago while playing on the same Wednesday night women’s volleyball league.  I was still new to the community of Morris and she had recently moved back to the area making us both newbies to the team.  Carrie told me about her recent trip to New York and her time in California while in fashion school.  Right away I had a feeling we would be friends with her interest in design and the fact that she bought a brand new serger with jet air threading, something I was eyeing up for quite some time.

It is safe to say that Carrie was one of the first people that laid the foundation for my own entrepreneurial endeavors.  Actually, I remember the first time I had heard of her business, Freckled Designs Co., was when it popped up on my Facebook home page and I could not wait until the next Wednesday night volleyball match to ask her all about it.  I am excited to share the interview I had with Carrie below.  If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her, she is kind, thoughtful, fashion forward, and someone that is not afraid to get a little scuffed up while diving for the ball. 


Everyone, meet Carrie!

1. Provide us with a little background about yourself.

Hello! My name is Carrie Kramer; I am originally from Donnelly MN, I am 24 years old, & I have a degree in fashion design. A fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother & we look nothing alike! I LOVE animals! Recently I have become a crazy plant lady & it is slightly getting out of hand ;).

2. Tell us about what it is you make or the services you offer.

I currently create different types of wood signs, & small accent/furniture pieces. I am trying to get into creating different types of wood décor as well! I love DIY’s & am hoping to add “how to’s” to my accounts for inspiration.

3. At what point did you decide to take your entrepreneurial leap of faith?

It all started out with making signs for gifts & family members. They all loved them & encouraged me to try to sell them. So I decided to be a part of a vendor/craft show, & was surprisingly impressed with the positive feedback! Shortly after that I created & opened my own business, Freckled Designs Co.

4. Where do you gather your inspiration?

Inspiration. I have found that inspiration comes from everywhere! When I first started, of course Pinterest was a huge influence, but lately I’ve been finding inspiration everywhere around me. Most signs that I make for customers, come from their inspiration & they let me design what they see, which is super fun stepping back & seeing their visions. For myself, its different almost every day with how I’m feeling. My newest obsession is plants, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of that reflect in my newer signs!

5. What has been a highlight since beginning your business?

A highlight since creating my business has definitely been the support. It is SO amazing to see all the support your community gives you, & I am so thankful for that, because without it, I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today with my business. Also just the interaction with customers. It’s so fun talking with each & every one of you about ideas & then to see your reaction after I create them; it’s simply an amazing feeling.

6. Tell us about a challenge you faced and how you went about overcoming it.

A challenge I have faced & am still facing is definitely technology! My husband just thinks it’s hilarious, because in this world technology is just ever growing. I’m such a visual person, so if someone doesn’t physically show me how to do something, I’m just lost! Goal for 2017-FIGURE OUT TECHNOLOGY!

7. What do you see in the future for your business?

What do I see for the future of my business… More signs MORE Often! I hope one day I can do what I love every day for a profession. Right now, my business is a side job (I should say hobby because I love what I do!), & so my hope is for Freckled Design Co. to be my main source of income some day!

8. What advice do you have to share with someone thinking about the entrepreneurial route?

My advice if you’re thinking about the entrepreneurial route is to go for it! Find something you love to do/create, because what is more fun than being able to do something that you love?! BE organized & to keep your head up! You will always have bumps in the road (or in my case MANY!). Just keep your chin up & know that all those little bumps in the road are actually the things that will help you.

9. How can people purchase your products or services?

You can purchase my products & inquire about my services on Facebook, or Etsy. Accounts listed below! ↓

10. Where can people find you online to follow your creative journey?

Please follow me on Facebook ● Freckled Designs Co. ● Instagram Freckled Designs Co., & also now on Etsy ●


A big thank you to Carrie for participating in this blog series, Morris Makers, which highlights crafters/entrepreneurs in the Morris, MN area that have at one point played a role in inspiring me to begin my creative journey with Amanda Nygaard Design.  The hope of this blog series is to shed light on the person behind the scenes and to encourage others to pursue the dreams on their minds as well.  

Please check back Thursday, June 15th for the next interview.  Interviews will be published Mondays and Thursdays for the rest of the month of June.  

Thank you!