Circle Signs

This past weekend I laid all of my sign making supplies on our dining room table and played. I experimented with different paint, typography, leather, wreaths, and laurels. Some were keepers and some were not. But to be honest, only a few were keepers and a lot were duds.

With so many failed attempts, it is easy to get down on myself for all the "wasted" time spent on the dud signs. Then I remind myself that without the uh-ohs, the keepers would not have been discovered. As with life, sometimes the challenges we face lead us to unexpected new and better paths. 

One new design that I was really happy with by the end of the weekend was a circle welcome sign. I am loving all the hand drawn wreaths and laurels I am seeing all over Pinterest and I discovered that the effortless looking hand drawn wreaths are much harder to draw than what they appear! This circle welcome sign was created with the inspiration of having it hang in our own entry way. The touches of gold paint and texture from the leather make it a nice contrast from the decor I currently have on our wall. With the holidays around the corner, I am already brainstorming last name sign designs for these circles as gift ideas. Stay tuned!