I recently went through and purged a lot of my sewing and crafting supplies that I slowly accumulated over the years ever since I moved into my first apartment in college.

As much as I wanted to hold onto all the pretty fabric, yarn, and projects that I had been "saving for a rainy day," I realized my day/week long crafting crazes probably won't reappear until our kids are much older.

We have a spare bedroom in the back of our basement that I have been using to store all of my totes of crafting supplies. In my efforts to try and declutter and tidy our home before baby arrives in August I realized that the space could be better utilized for our soon to be family of 5.

As I stood there feeling overwhelmed looking at all of the stuff, I asked our oldest what we should put in that room once it's emptied. His response was simple and it just made sense. Toys.

That was the motivation I needed to donate, sell, toss, or better organize my belongings. Now our family has a bonus place to play on the super hot days, cold winter nights, or just when we need to have a change of scenery. It's not what one may consider 'Pinterest perfect' in terms of organization or decor, but it's functional and our kids love it. But don't get me wrong, I'm still keeping my eye out for cute decorations at garage sales or design ideas to incorporate! But it will come with time.

Another positive from this room switcheroo? It was satisfying to see my crafting supplies that I sold and donated go off to new homes so they could be better loved by their new owners.