Etsy Shop


Over a year ago, I remember listening to a podcast episode on The Lively Show about utilizing spare time a little more wisely.  In the episode Jess interviewed Jessica Turner about her new book called The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You.  Of all the podcast episodes I have listened to, that one really stood out to me because it really made me rethink my approach to life. 

In summary, Jessica explained how the little pockets of time throughout the day add up to a bigger chunk of time than what most realize.  Instead of creeping on Facebook for a few minutes here and there, those minutes could be used to work on creative projects that bring me excitement and flow. The concept sounds so simple and easy, but she explains it so nicely and in a motivating way to  encourage anyone to do what they love more frequently.

I have always loved creating and making things, so my use of the fringe hours lately has been creating home decor pieces for our home.  When designing something new, the brainstorming, planning, researching, building, and decorating all take a good amount of time when all combined together.  With two little kids, a home to upkeep, making homemade meals night after night, and working a full time job does not allow for big chunks of free time.  I have been forced to be resourceful with my "fringe hours" so that a minute here to practice writing a new design while our daughter is in the Ergo baby carrier or a minute there to sand a few boards while my son gets out the sidewalk chalk can all add up to a rather large chunk of time.

Which leads me to today.  After months of brainstorming and slowly putting together my design concept, I have a few items officially listed in my Etsy shop.  Part of me wants to yell "Finally!" because it feels like it is has taken me months to update and upload just a few things to a shop I opened back in August.  But the other part of me is so proud of myself for sticking with it and not giving up when the process felt a little slower and more fragmented than what I was used to in my pre-children life.  Such as when a little helping hand wants to help move the props around when taking product photos.  

Three items listed may not seem like a lot compared to the average Etsy shop.  But for me, it is an exciting day.  It shows that with vision and PATIENCE, dreams (slowly) do come true.