Floral Frame Wreath


Last year I came across a picture frame at a garage sale that I was attracted to because of it's scrolly woodworking. At the time I thought I would spray paint it and use for a gallery wall that I was working on at the time. Well that design plan changed and the frame sat in my "extra decor" box all year just waiting to be used for something. Well the time was finally right this week.

I was able to put the ornate frame to good use for the floral stems project for Sustain my Craft Habits's #SimpleDailyDIY challenge. With artificial floral stems from JoAnn Fabrics that I have had in vase for a couple years now, I thought it was time to give them an update and a new home. By plucking off the flowers and stems and then hot gluing them to the frame I was able to make a new wreath for our front door. 

Even though the mail man will really be the only person that gets to enjoy our new decoration since we rarely have visitors, it makes me happy. Seeing any type of flower during summertime feels fresh and peaceful. Now I get to see them all the time hanging on our front door as I'm in and out of the house.