Flower Recap: Hartung Wedding

From a young age, I have always had a thing for weddings.  I loved the happiness it brought throughout the day, the special touches created for the couple, and all the beautiful items that make the wedding a cohesive look.

When I was in high school and people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say a wedding planner.  In college, Hospitality and Tourism was one of the four majors I "tried out" before I finished with a Family and Consumer Science Education degree (my college journey should be another blog post in itself!)  As much as I thought being a wedding planner would fit my skill set, I feared my only option would be to live in a metropolitan city and work evenings and weekends.  Deep down I knew I wanted to one day be a wife and mother so the thought of living that work lifestyle was not sitting well with what I truly wanted in life, a family focus.  For me, I was at peace with the decision to pack up my wedding planning dreams because I had faith that it wasn't meant to be during that season of my life.  

Fast forward 10ish years and I was introduced to the idea of becoming a wedding florist and after looking into it, I felt like it would be something fun to at least try since I have always loved the wedding scene.  I would be able to work with the couple leading up to their big day and execute the vision for their wedding. After all, the flowers are the biggest accessory and in almost all of the pictures that the couple will keep as family heirlooms for years and years to come.

I reached out to a friend from my high school (Ashley) if they found a florist for their August wedding and if not, that they would consider letting me (a complete newbie to the flower community) prepare the flowers for their big day.  The entire afternoon I was patiently waiting to read her response, mostly thinking they had already committed to a florist so it would not work out.  But there was a small part of me that thought she may take me up on the offer.  I am happy to say luck was in my favor that day!

From that day forward, I must have watched countless videos on how to make a bouquet, corsage, boutonniere, and center piece.  Then I had to figure out how to order the flowers, which ones to pick, how many to order, how to process them upon arrival, storage, and delivery.  The learning curve was steep since I never had experience in a flower shop, but I kept reading, watching, and asking questions.  I had the opportunity to shadow a florist in Fargo, Allison from Blue Barn Floral, and attend a workshop at Spruce in the cities.  Both learning opportunities gave me the confidence to keep pushing towards the big day.

The week of their wedding finally arrived and I was so excited to get to work.  All of my self taught knowledge and skills I learned from educators were ready to complete the task I dreamed about 5 months prior.  

The Results?

I had so much fun!  The overall look was very similar to what Ashley and John described of how they wanted their wedding day to look like.  Although I am aware that improvements could have been made when I look back on all the details, I also recognize that a person has to start somewhere.  And for itme (a person that leans towards the perfectionist side of things) I am proud of myself for learning and trying something new.  

What's Next?

I want to explore greenery more and different ways to incorporate it into the home.  In the coming weeks I will be a vendor at two events and I am hoping to bring some fresh greenery items for sale.  In October I will be preparing the flowers for another wedding which I am really looking forward to that experience as well.  

Keep watching for updates!  If you or someone you know of is getting married and looking into a hiring a florist, please send them my way for an initial consultation.  

Amanda Holding Bouquet

Thank YOU to Ashley and John for trusting me with preparing the flowers for the happiest day of your lives.  I hope when the two of you look back on your wedding day pictures for years and years to come that you are still smiling the same smiles you did on 8-26-17.

Mr. and Mrs. Hartung | 8.26.17