Flowers for Margaux

Margaux Flower Crown.jpg

Margaux reached out to me this past spring about preparing the floral arrangements for their wedding day. I knew very quickly that I wanted to be on board to help with her vision. Here are three reasons why:

1. Small town connection. She is from France but was studying in America as a foreign exchange student at the high school I attended, Bertha-Hewitt, and ended up falling for a Verndale boy.

2. Nostalgia. Their wedding day venue happened to be at the farm site of one of my very best friends in high school. I have a lot of memories from that place ranging from sleepovers to riding horse.

3. Vision. Her inspiration pictures that she sent to me were SO pretty and similar to my own personal design aesthetic.

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to helping Margaux with her bridal party's arrangements.

So beautiful.

Photography: Kjerstin Thea Photography