Friday Introductions


    As I hold my sleeping daughter sitting out on our patio, I can hear the hum of lawn mowers, leaves swaying from the wind, and birds chirping, I am reminded how precious the present can be. Frequently I find myself looking at the clock and anticipating what is next on my to-do list, while overlooking what is happening right in front of me.

    A recent family gathering allowed my talented cousin to snap this picture of Shay and I. The photo may only be two weeks old, but I can already see so many changes in her from that short period of time. This is just another reminder to enjoy the present, things can change so drastically whether we are anticipating them or not.

    Something I am trying to improve upon is staying connected to the here and now. Stop the worrying! Stop the anxiousness! But to enjoy the messy house and little ones running around because soon enough, this stage will pass whether I am ready for it or not.