Friday Night


Our Friday night consisted of a doctor's visit, quick stop at the bank, frozen pizza, laundry, reading Thomas the Train, and packing up for a craft fair. Five years ago, our Friday nights looked WAY different than today's . Do I miss those nights? Sure. Do I love these kind of nights? Absolutely.

I have come to realize that all parts of life come and go in stages. Before you know it,  it's on to the next. This stage in particular feels as though there is never enough time. With a toddler and baby, life is busy in our household. But it is oh so fun and rewarding seeing our kids bond, learn, and play together.

With the spare time we have at the very end of the day, it has been fun working on custom projects and drafting new designs for this side busin ess I have started a few months ago. Tomorrow will be a change of pace for me as I display my designs and a few custom projects at a local craft fair/women's expo. Our weekend festivities sure have changed over the years, but we would not trade them for a thing.