Garden Snacks


A hidden talent about my husband that was not discovered until after we were married is his green thumb. He has a passion for gardening that most likely developed while growing up on the farm and helping his dad tend to the crops all those years. With no garden in his life until just a few years ago, it has been fun for me to see his knowledge grow and develop with each season that passes.

Another aspect about our little garden that I love is that our two-year-old son has been taking a liking to it. Everyday he sees his dad watering the garden which evolved into both of them holding a watering can taking care of the vegetables. 

Seeing the plants grow a little everyday from seeds to edible produce is so satisfying. A lesson can be learned about sustainability while gardening from people of all ages, two to adult. Our son is learning so much about the world of food and how it goes from garden to kitchen to table. Although for us the produce does not always make its way to the table, sometimes a little snack break outside to enjoy the fruits of our labor is needed.