Giant Pegboard Tutorial

I have a DIY to share today!  A giant pegboard that can be used as a shelving or storage unit anywhere in the home.  

We have a large wall in our dining room that I have been staring out these past two years unsure of what to hang on it.  I knew that a piece of furniture would not be useful against that wall because there is traffic flow where it would sit.  On the adjacent wall we already have a large buffet cabinet (that I have yet to paint the base to update it a bit) so adding a piece of furniture to sit next to that wall would just be too much going on in our dining room.  To add to the design dilemma, there was a light switch for our deck that we rarely used smack dab in the middle of the wall.  

Fortunately, I came across this tutorial from Vintage Revivals about how to make a giant pegboard and thought it was perfect for our situation.  The large plywood in the back would take up a good amount of visual space for our empty wall (and cover up the light switch that we never used) and I could have the option to change up the shelving and styling whenever I wanted.  


  • Plywood (I used 5/8" and it was 32"x36")
  • Drill with  a 1" forstner bit
  • 1"x36" wooden dowel

1. Mark dots, gather supplies

After some experimenting and figuring, I decided to space my dots 8" apart and stagger the rows. Mark with a pencil (this part took a little longer than anticipated because I wanted to make sure they were straight so the shelves would be level). 

2. Drill holes using a 1" forstner bit. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat until all holes are done.  

3. Cut dowels desired length, I went with 6" so that I could get 6 pegs out of the dowel I purchased. 

4. (Not pictured) Cut shelves and hang!  I had scrap 1"x4" pine boards that I cut for the shelves and my husband cut two keyholes in the back to hang the pegboard on the studs of the wall.  

Dining room pegboard 2.jpg

Let me know if you have any questions, it was a really easy project that I am excited to continuously change depending on the season or extra decor pieces I have on hand.  

Happy crafting!