Granola Bars


Baking has always been something that I have enjoyed. From a young age I remember sitting at our kitchen barstools watching my mom bake cookies, brownies, pancakes, you name it. It was only natural for me to take a liking to being in the kitchen after watching my mom enjoy it for so many years. Seeing our son curious and interested in what I am making in the kitchen has been putting a smile on my face. 

As a two-year-old, he is mimicking everything that we do whether we encourage him or not. Lately I have been stationing him on a step stool in the corner of our kitchen so he has access to the counter and can see what I am preparing. I give him a couple of bowls, measuring spoons, and a handful of oats and he is content to play for the next ten minutes. 

This past weekend while he was busy mixing up his oats, I made a batch of granola bars. This was my first attempt at making granola bars and I was impressed with how easy and tasty the recipe was by The Pioneer Woman. Now it is not sugar free, Whole 30 approved, or the absolute healthiest bar in the world, but in my books it is better than buying something highly processed from the grocery store. 

Homemade > Store Bought