I am Going to Miss This


These past five months have flown by and now I find myself gearing up for the start of another school year. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to have a long maternity leave since the birth of our daughter was in early April resulting in taking the end of the school year off while enjoying our regular summer vacation. This without a doubt is a huge pro to being a teacher. 

But here I am, dreading this coming Tuesday as I trade in my stay-at-home mom routine for a crazy busy school schedule while balancing the needs of two young children and keeping our household semi orderly. I by no means am the first mom to be making the transition back to the workforce after having a baby, but that does not make it any easier. The current routine we are in has been great and it is going to be an adjustment, to say the least. Fortunately I have a lot of colleagues and students that I am looking forward to seeing again on a regular basis which will make the transition a little easier. 

Something else I am going to miss is the pockets of time throughout the day I was able to work on my creative projects and items for Amanda Nygaard Designs such as in the picture above. With the nice weather, I could slip outside into our garage during nap time to cut, paint, or stain. Now while working during the day time, I will be limited to nights and weekends. Not to mention the temperature  here in Minnesota is going to steadily decrease to below zero, making working in our uninsulated garage a little uncomfortable. Although I am optimistic that if there is a will, there is a way. 

I am thankful for the best summer of my life that allowed me to spend unlimited amounts of time with our family and how I was able to fill my creativity bucket to it's brim with all sorts of new projects. I have grown as a wife, mom, and as an individual. Creating has always been a big part of me and this summer I was able to embrace that side of me more than ever.  It sure was a great summer, one that I will miss.