Journey to Flowers

Journey to Flowers.jpg

Around this time last year I had no idea what the future looked like for me. My "five year plan" was up in the air and left up to my faith to guide.

I had recently left my teaching job in hopes of going back to school to eventually draft and design houses. Honestly, I was nervous that I would chicken out about committing to going back to school. I had trouble saying it out loud and telling even the people closest to me.

But as the past 12 months have unfolded, so many blessings have continued to shine that I didn't know were waiting for me.

My confidence has grown. I'm actually doing it. I took one small step after the other all the way from researching schools, applying for financial aid, registering for classes, meeting the instructors, purchasing textbooks, and finding pockets of time for homework one day at time. I completed one year of school and have one to go.

I'm running a small, creative business. A large part of who I have always been has been one to create. When it came time in elementary to bring in a Valentines Day box, I couldn't wait to construct something new. Bringing ideas to life has always been one of my greatest personal joys. This past year I have challenged myself to learn the art of floral design and the basics of business. Both have fueled me with so much new passion that I didn't know was there prior.

And the fact that we are growing another human to bring into our family fills my heart with so much happiness. In less than a month we will be meeting our little girl or boy.

If you're pondering "what's next" for yourself, let me encourage you that it is okay to walk a little more freely and let faith guide the way. These next 12 months may be nothing like what you are envisioning today but may feel so perfect as life unfolds for you.

Photography: Rubinski Visual