These past few weeks I have been using all of my little pockets of free time to research and develop the structure to my (soon to launch) online store. It has been fun learning about effective marketing, writing captivating product descriptions, shipping methods, and the ins and outs to creating a store policy.

One task that I have been putting off for awhile is taking product photos. Since I am always drawn to aesthetically pleasing pictures, I knew that I wanted my site to have top notch images as well. My challenge was that I felt like I was lacking in staging props. When people see the pictures of my products, I want them to see it appearing in a home. This provides them with an idea of how they could decorate their home with it as well. Lucky me, I knew just the person to ask for advice. 

Jenny is the owner and creative wizard behind Junk by Jenny. She literally turns junky looking items into treasures all due to placement. She may dumpster dive and walk in old barns I would prefer to steer clear of, but she has a gifted eye in finding beautiful pieces that so many people love nowadays. Jenny was kind enough to provide me with staging advice and examples of how she would stage for her junk expos. She even went one step further to lend me some of her junk as I prepare for a mini photo shoot in the upcoming weeks. Now that I have some pretty props, the photo shoot on my to-do list may be taking place sooner rather than later.