Lakes Area Wedding Expo - Exhibitor Recap


Today I had the opportunity to be an exhibitor at the first annual Lakes Area Wedding Expo at the Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Alexandria, MN. This was my first attempt in the bridal scene so I was a little unsure of what to expect or how my custom signs would go over. Fortunately I am pleased to say it went well! I will try to recap the day with five highlights.

  1.  Brides It was fun meeting the brides and their support teams. Getting to know about the theme they are going for, wedding venue, date, and where they were from made the day so enjoyable. Seeing old friends from high school and college that I have not seen in years was an unexpected surprise. The brides were just glowing all day.
  2.  Booth Location From my knowledge the booth placement was randomly selected and I lucked out with a corner spot near the center which allowed for double the traffic. This worked in my favor as I got to see the brides pass through multiple times as they made their way around the facility. Thanks, Mandy! 
  3. Business Cards  I ran out in the first hour! With still being a newbie to the expo scene, this was probably a rookie mistake. As I kindly told the brides that I ran out after they asked for a card, so many positively responded by saying that at least that is a good problem to have. Which I would have to agree. I suggested they take a picture of my logo and find me on Instagram or Facebook, which is another positive because then the information will always be with them as a business card often times gets lost in the shuffle.
  4. My Assistant  I also got to spend the day as a girl's day like so many of the brides and their bridesmaids and mothers in the room. My mom tagged along as my assistant and it was nice having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of in-between meeting the brides. I got a lot of my craftiness from her so it is fun doing this type of thing with her now that I am all grown up.
  5. DONUTS!  My donut stand went over so well! The joy it brought people to see I was offering complimentary donuts was priceless. By the end of the day I only had two left, which was just enough to bring home to my husband and son.  

What started as a day of anxious nerves of the unknown led to a fun day that filled my creative bucket to its brim. Not only was I able to talk to the brides about potentially meeting their custom signage needs, but I was also able to meet and network with area businesses. The experience I had was outstanding and I would highly suggest attending in the years to come.