Lexi - Lexuries


Blog Series: Morris Makers

Maker/Owner: Lexi Mahoney

Business Name: Lexuries

Ever since I met Lexi while having her as a student in my Child Development course, I could tell she was detail oriented and paid close attention to the design and overall look of her completed projects that many students often overlook.  The furniture pieces she refurbishes for Lexuries are done to the same standard as her school work and all other aspects of her life.  

Last summer during my first craft fair, her booth was set up on the other side of the room and I could not help but notice how her furniture pieces were selling left and right.  She has an eye for style that is current and and on trend which is evident in her most recent work.  Lexi is the youngest of the Morris Makers but that has not held her back from what she has been able to accomplish within this past year. I am so excited to see where life leads her in the future.    


 Everyone, meet Lexi!

1. Provide us with a little background about yourself.

I am the daughter of Mike and Peggy Mahoney and my sister is Morgan Mahoney. I have lived in Morris my entire life and have loved every minute of it! I have one year of college under my belt and am pursuing a career as a cosmetologist. I spend my free time being outside, hanging out with family and friends, and of course refurbishing furniture!

2. Tell us about what it is you make or the services you offer.

Lexuries is a refurbished furniture business. I take furniture that most people see as old/ugly and give it new life!

3. At what point did you decide to take your entrepreneurial leap of faith?

My junior year of high school, I was enrolled in one of Jenny Maras' business classes in which we were to create our own business for a project. I decided to create a refurbished furniture business called the Treasure Trunk. After I completed the project, I couldn't help but think that it was meant to be to bring the business to life! I changed my name to Lexuries and had my first sale that summer. Ever since, I have been refurbishing pieces here and there and have now decided to do another sale this summer!

4. Where do you gather your inspiration?

Pinterest!! My favorite app of all time. It never fails to get my creative juices flowing! I also love thrift/garage sale shopping. It's a great way to find cheap products and give them a new fresh look!

5. What has been a highlight since beginning your business?

The feeling after a sale and seeing nearly all my products sell is always such a refreshing feeling! I love seeing others love my work and knowing that a piece of me is in their home! Another great aspect of my business is that it has been a great project for the whole family.

6. Tell us about a challenge you faced and how you went about overcoming it.

My biggest challenge continues to be space. My parents have very graciously let me use the garage as my workshop, but with as much furniture as I have, it's difficult to use the space as a work place and double as a storage unit. Luckily for me, my aunt has opened up her shed for me as well!

7. What do you see in the future for your business?

I would love to see expansion with my business within the next five years. I will continue to have a yearly sale and see where that takes me. I have always has the dream of eventually owning my own gift shop of all my products!

8. What advice do you have to share with someone thinking about the entrepreneurial route?

Take things one step at a time. I often get big ideas and end up with way too much on my plate. Start small, and end with a bang! This will let you and others catch up to speed with what you're doing.

9. How can people purchase your products or services?

Lexuries products will be available for purchase Thursday, July 27th from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at my home at 17 Riverview Drive in Morris! After my sale, products will be available for purchase via social media.

10. Where can people find you online to follow your creative journey?

Lexuries can be found on Instagram and Facebook


A big thank you to Lexi for participating in this blog series, Morris Makers, which highlights crafters/entrepreneurs in the Morris, MN area that have at one point played a role in inspiring me to begin my creative journey with Amanda Nygaard Design.  The hope of this blog series is to shed light on the person behind the scenes and to encourage others to pursue the dreams on their minds as well.  

Please check back Monday, June 19th for the next interview.  Interviews will be published Mondays and Thursdays for the rest of the month of June.  

Thank you!