Little Girls and Headbands


When we were in the hospital having our second child, we did not know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. We actually chose not to find out the gender for both of our children. Either way, we knew we would love our children no matter what and finding out the gender was a surprise we were excited to patiently wait for both times. When it was announced in the delivery room that it was a girl (just as I suspected), I knew I was about to enjoy a lot of time in the near future on my sewing machine making all sorts of cute, girly accessories for her to wear. 

The first thing I wanted to make once things settled down at home was a headband for her little bald head. So often people innocently mistaked her as a boy when we were out and about. Possibly from the lack of hair (she was a newborn, after all) or the cyan blue car seat that we purchased in advance thinking it was sort of gender neutral... wrong. Placing a little headband on her head was a safe way for people to guess it was in fact a little girl in there.

At my most recent crat fair, I prepared six varieties of baby and adult headbands to sell. A dear friend of mine that also has a little boy and girl close to the same ages as our children purchased a few of the baby headbands for her little lady. As you can see in the picture above, she is loving life as a 10 month old and looks pretty in pink. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!