After browsing some of the diy related hashtags on Instagram (#makersmovement, #makersgonnamake, and #abmcrafty are some of my go-tos), I stumbled across the challenge #SimpleDailyDIY by @sustainmycrafthabit and thought I would give it a try.  You can read all about their 15 day challenge here, but basically they are encouraging people to spend 10 minutes a day to work on a simple project using materials they most likely already have around their homes.  They (Jane and Sonja) planned for five projects with each project lasting for three days using various materials around your house such as twigs, rope, and mason jars.  

While being on maternity leave and a napping newborn on my hands, I am always looking for something to fuel my creative spirit.  I decided to give the challenge a go and found the sisal rope that I needed for my first project. Macrame was the first technique that came to mind to use the rope.  It was something my mom taught my sister and I around our dining room table when I was about 10 years old making bracelets and necklaces.  After watching a YouTube video to refresh my memory on how to macrame, the potted plant holder that I intended to make came together pretty quickly.  

Check out the final project here.