Minnesota Nice


Exciting news... as of this week, Amanda Nygaard Designs is an official business! After following the steps according to the Secretary of State I obtained my DBA (doing business as) account. My vision for Amanda Nygaard Designs is to be a handmade home decor and hair accessories business.

My whole life I have loved creating and have always had in the back of my mind to make a small business out of it. Although the timing never felt right to move forward with my thoughts of branching out on my own. Time and time again I would talk myself out that idea with all kinds of excuses. Either I was too busy with school, did not have the space, or second guessed my ability to run a small business. Well I finally decided that there is no better time than the present and to just go for it! 

Lately my work has been done in the evenings after our kids go to bed or during nap times mid day. To be honest there are days I get discouraged and don't do anything, but for the most part I try to do a little something everyday. The best part is, it does not feel like work. I enjoy the planning, shopping, drafting, building, and retouching phases. It allows me my "me time" away from the daily tasks at home and school.  A lot of my new designs are inspired by decor I would place around our home (such as the Minnesota Nice sign above) or items we can wear.

In the end, if this new business of mine does not grow past our garage, at least I can say I tried and gained a lot of new handmade home decor along the way. But of course, I hope it goes well and grows. I have faith that whatever door that is meant to be opened, will be at the right time.