We are somewhat new to the gardening scene. This is only our second summer having a small garden behind our house that we can tend to daily. We tried a few different vegetables and herbs from last year to spice things up. Get it? I love a good food pun.

Mint was something that we grew both years and so far the only use we have got our of it is in mojitos. Which I'm not complaining. Although last summer I had to watch my husband drink them because we had just found out I was pregnant. This summer on the other hand...  

Other ways I plan on using our fresh mint this upcoming week is in Greek yogurt, mint tea, and watermelon/mint/basil/feta salad. Mint is known to relieve headaches and aid in digestion, so it's an easy and natural remedy for improving overall health. So in other words, the Nygaard's will be in mint condition!