Morris Makers Announcement


Lately I have been feeling a pull to open up and share more about me and my story. As a fairly private person, I have been struggling a bit with what pieces of my life I feel comfortable posting on social media. I am selective with what I post to keep family and personal matters private. But when it comes to personal and creative growth, I have found that reading other people’s stories has helped inspire me to keep traveling on this creative journey.

Who came up with that idea? How did they do that? Where was it made? WHO made it?  These are the questions I often wonder about the person behind the scenes.  

This is why you are starting to see glimpses of me here and there on Facebook and Instagram. As much as a hold my breath before I hit publish, I feel that sharing my story may help someone else in life push through an internal struggle or a creative roadblock they may be experiencing.  We all have our insecurities. We all experience times in our lives that feel a little bit like a crossroads.  What has helped me explore my creativity more this past year than ever before was taking the time to ask and read about other people’s stories.

I have a special project that I have been working on with the help of six inspiring and hardworking individuals that I am so excited to share. 


Project Announcement:

MORRIS MAKERS, a blog series designed to inspire

What is Morris Makers?  

A blog series that I will be sharing on my website that includes a ten question interview with six people from the Morris area.  The individuals chosen are crafty, innovative, and entrepreneurial minded and have in one way or another inspired me to begin my journey with Amanda Nygaard Designs.

What to expect?

Every Monday and Thursday for the rest of June I will be posting a short story of how the highlighted individual has inspired me with their journey so far.  Also included is the ten question interview, pictures of their products or services, and a behind the scenes shot of them in action.  

My goal for this project is to shed light on the makers behind our local products and services.  Even if you are not from the Morris area, I hope for you to walk away feeling inspired to pursue any ideas that have been on your mind.