My First Craft Fair


After a month of preparation, the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow I will display my creations at a local craft fair in hopes of having them find a new home. Wood art, triangle shelves, and headbands are the items I have ready for my first time showing as a vendor.

Putting my work out there for people to see is a little nerve-racking. Will they like it? Am I doing this right? What if no one comes? These are a few of the many questions that I had float through my head as I worked on these during nap time, late nights, and weekends. 

There was one central question that I did not have to worry about while in the building process. And that was, Is this worth my time? To me, the time I spent working on this fair was time well spent. I enjoyed searching high and low for the cutest knit fabric, relearning some lost woodworking skills, and seeing my vision for the booth come to life. I thrive off of creativity. My time with our children was also not compromised since work was mostly done while they slept. To me, I mostly traded in the time I spent browsing social media or catching up on Netflix for crafting. It may be a little early to call but with the internal joy I have felt this past month, I forsee myself signing up for more craft fairs in the near future.