My Why for Floral Design

Gathered Oaks Set-Up.jpg

I was listening to a TED Talk yesterday while driving to Gathered Oaks in Alexandria to deliver flowers. Something that was said really struck me.

"The key to finding your purpose in life is to serve others with your strengths"

This couldn't have been brought to my attention at a better time. You see, just the day prior as I was alone in the back of our basement snipping countless flower stems my mind started to wander. I questioned why I was making more work for myself and why I was walking this path of creating floral arrangements.

Why do I continuously put more on my plate? Why am I always drawn to new projects? Why can't I just... be?

One year ago I knew nothing about the flower industry. And in that year's time I have self taught myself so much through research and trial and error.

I tell you all this because after listening to that TED Talk, it all made sense to me. I find my purpose when I am creating something to make someone else happy. And for this chapter in my life, creating flower arrangements is that vehicle for me.

As I'm getting into the housing industry, I can see my purpose morphing into creating house plans to allow for the clients to love their new space.

All of this aside, I still place my family at the very top and I love our time together. But creating is what fills me up. Challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone is where I find that flow state. I'm a better person and overall a better mom and wife when I am creating something with my hands.

I leave you this Saturday morning with encouragement to identify what your strengths are in life. How can you best use those strengths to serve others? I'm on a path of trial and error and self discovery and I'm sure you are too.

Keep trying new things, it only adds chapters and depth to your life's story.