New Business Venture


Ever since I was young, I have loved  creating. In elementary, I loved Valentines Day not because of the candy but because of the box we were encouraged to make and bring in from home. Web Design was one of my favorite classes in high school because of the endless opportunities we had when creating our school website from scratch. Those kind of challenges was what I loved about school. Now that I am older and no longer in school as a student, I have noticed I piece of my life that has been missing. My creativity.

While loving my life as a wife, mom, and teacher, I have always had the urge to fulfill a part of me that allows for dreaming and creating. After a lot of thought, second guessing, and hesitation, I decided to just go for it. To start a business that focuses on just that, creating.

Amanda Nygaard Designs has essentially been on my mind since my teenage years but for whatever reason, I felt like now was the right time in my life to give it a go. Starting a business has been something I have always dreamed of doing. Especially with having both of my parents as small business owners I was able to see their dedication and perseverance on a daily basis. 

What does the future hold for my new little side business? It is hard to say. But isn't that true for all areas of life? We can never count on our health, our job, our loved ones being there for the rest of our lives. That is part of being human. What I can hope for is putting my work out there for people to purchase and bring into their homes. I have signed up to be a vendor at a few upcoming craft fairs and will be launching an online store in the near future. What will I be making? Currently, handmade home decor such as the sign in this picture and sewn items for cute little babies. The future is open ended and I find that exciting.