New Ride


At the beginning of every garage sale season my husband and I discuss what is on our wish list for items to be on the lookout for when out and about. It always amazes me how beneficial these little planning meetings are for our luck. It is like the theme from the classic movie Field of Dreams, "If you dream it, they will come."

Last year I was on the look out for a cart to pull behind a bike so our son could ride along on bike trips. And within weeks, I found one for $5! This year I wanted a nice pair of jeans and decided I would be ok with spending $$$ at a store since in all my years, I never loved my jeans. I also just lost all my baby weight and was eager to get into something a little more flattering. Well guess what I found the very next day? My size in Miss Me jeans in like-new condition for $10! I could not wait to hurry home to tell my husband that I saved us close to $100.

The big item that I was on the look out for this year was a Power Wheels Ride-On toy. My husband saw a few posts on Reddit about taking apart the vehicle, spray painting all the parts, and then reassembling to drastically change the original appearance. The best one we found was a jeep that looked like it came straight from Jurassic Park. A couple weeks ago I went to a friend's garage sale and right away spotted a pink and purple Barbie jeep and knew it was the one. Twenty dollars later, I once again could not wait to bring it home to show my husband.

He took over the project from there and painted it with an army theme. Disassemble, remove Barbie stickers, wash, spray paint, reassemble, and we have what looks like a brand new Power Wheels Ride-On Jeep for our little guy.