For some reason, I have always been drawn to patterns and prints. In high school, I repainted my room several times with each new look involving layers of paint and masking tape to unveil a colorful grid or striped look. I even remember in my college fashion class we were to name our favorite store to shop at and when everyone was naming theirs, all I could think of was Jo-Ann Fabrics because I loved browsing the aisles and thinking of all the possibilities with the different print combinations. 

I have come to terms that my brain processes things differently than most. Science and English classes never came easy to me, I wound be the one that studied weeks in advance to earn the same grade as those that did not study at all. But when it came to decorating the gym for coronation, I could see the big picture. The planning, design, and bringing it all together is what I thrive on. Hands on projects are my thing. 

Now that I have been exploring wood art and geometric patterns, my brain has found it's flow. With every cut that goes into a new piece, the precision and attention to detail are at a high. This aztec print is one of my first designs and I am currently working on an order for a friend.  Just this morning a started a new, larger design that includes a touch of pink (yay!) which will soon find it's way to our little girl's room.