Residential Drafting Update

Construction Site.jpg

A little update about what I've been up to lately besides working on flowers and spending time with family...

This summer I started working in the residential drafting world and have loved my time in it so far.

Since I was young, my mom would always bring us kids out to the job site where ever my dad was working. Over the years I have seen a lot of houses in the mid construction phase. I would walk around visualizing the space trying to picture what it was going to look like once completed. I would also wonder why the homeowner chose that particular floorplan over the countless other possibilities.

These days I'm learning the ins and outs of floorplans, drafting, and 3D rendering to help people do those very things I had once wondered about many years ago.

Now when I get the chance to visit my dad at his job site I will gladly make a special trip to see it in person and to pick his brain about the building process.

Otherwise, what else have I been up to?

Unpacking all the baby stuff we have stored in our basement as we await for him or her to arrive within the next few weeks!