Sewing Update


Sewing with stretchy fabric (aka knit fabric) has been something I have enjoyed learning more and more about with each probject I tackle. When I set out to sew my first maxi skirt with knit fabric a few years ago, I used the same sewing machine settings that I used for non stretchy fabric (aka woven fabric) simply because I was unaware of the necessary changes required. I quickly realized that those stitches do not hold up for the stretch needed in knit fabrics. So I began reading everything I could about how to properly sew with knit fabrics so that the seams would not break on me while wearing. Fortunately I do not have any horror stories to share! 

A zigzag stitch, a twin needle or serger were the answers I found to my knit dilemma. With lots of experimenting and practice I feel far more confident with the world of knit fabrics than what I did four years ago attempting my first maxi skirt.

So what have I been sewing lately? Headbands for my little girl. Headbands that can stretch and rest comfortably on her soft head.