Succulent Jackpot


My parents have owned their cabin on the lake for the past fifteen years. I have spent countless hours out there soaking up the sun, pontooning, and sitting around the bon fire. You would think that after all this time I would have paid attention to the hundreds of pretty little succulent plants scattered around the lot. I suppose it was one of those things a person gets so used to seeing, that it is overlooked. 

Succulents are crazy popular these days. Check out #succulentlove on Instagram for some eye candy. A friend that recently visited for her first time this summer could not get over how many hen and chick succulents we had all. over. the. place! And once she mentioned it, I took a step back and agreed, there were so many beautiful plants literally beneath my nose all these years.

With the help of our two-year-old son, we collected a little pile to bring home to replant. My brain has been spinning about creative ways to plant them in new or repurposed containers. These little succulents are making their way to a new home in the near future and I can not wait to share! 

Amanda NygaardComment