Hanging Succulents

A few months ago I made a shopping trip with the intention of shopping specifically for house decorations.  After living in our house for nearly two years and having hardly any decor around the house, I decided to purchase a few items to gain design inspiration for rooms throughout the house.  We don't have a lot of windows ideal for indoor plants (sad face) so purchasing artificial greenery was on my list.  I came across a glass container of succulents from Target and didn't know where to put them at the time, but still decided to get them. 

Fast forward to the #SimpleDailyDIY challenge from Sustain My Craft Habit starting in June, I knew it was time to help them find a proper home in our house.  Read about the beginning stages of how I started the macrame pot holder here.  

Currently they are hanging above my kitchen sink and I love having the extra greenery inside by a place I stand far too much throughout the day.  Some days I seriously feel like I am in the kitchen far more often than any other room in the house.  And when school is in session, my Family and Consumer Sciences classroom IS a kitchen!

Next up on the #SimpleDailyDIY challenge, TWIGS!