Taproom Update


Today we made a little trip to Fargo to check out the progress of my sister and brother-in-law's most recent business venture... a taproom in Fargo!

With about a month left until their tentative opening for Front Street Taproom, we received a behind the scenes tour of the main level and upstairs office space. Being that I teach Interior Design, I loved seeing the century old character shown in the brick, ceiling tile, and trim. At one point the building was a furniture store, but there is a lot of history to the building that is unknown at this point.

Light fixtures, the bar top, and lots of little details throughout the space are being installed everyday. Lindsey is the stencil queen and painted a beautiful stenciled accent wall near the entrance that really sets the tone for the space. Our next visit may not be until the opening and I can not wait to see how they complete the rest of the projects they started.  

Check out their Facebook page here.