The Jones'


In the three years of being parents, this weekend was the first 24 hour stretch we have been away from our children. My parents were kind enough to stay the night at our house as we made a mini road trip across the state to celebrate the marriage of a college friend. 

Attending wedding ceremonies as a married couple always make me smile and have all the good feels inside. It reminds me of the excitement and love we experienced only a few short years ago at our own wedding. This ceremony in particular was clear to see the chemistry between the bride and groom. They were glowing and making each other laugh throughout the ceremony and reception. 

When it came time to get a gift for the couple, I knew that I wanted to make something one of a kind that recognized the start of this chapter in their lives. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Jones! Established in 2016 with a lifetime of happiness ahead of them.