The Place That Brings Me Joy

The Place That Brings Me Joy.jpg

I took this picture last Friday as I was preparing the boutonnieres and corsages for a wedding. As I looked at the picture again, it was the table (which probably looks very familiar to you by this point) that really stood out to me.

My husband built this table for us almost 3 years ago. The chairs were found dusty and worn at a garage sale which led to me later painting and reupholstering them. As I look at them both again, I am reminded of many memories.

It is here that we eat our suppers together as a family.

Where my husband and I play Sequence after the kids go to bed on Friday nights with drinks nearby.

Where we do all things crafty with the little ones. Playdough, watercolors, markers, stamps, glue, stickers, and more.

Hours upon hours of homework have been completed while sitting here.

This is also where I have my "me" time when I want to create or feel inspired.

As simple as it may sound, this handmade table and $2 chairs are what I am feeling grateful for today.