The Succulent Transfer


After my recent hunt for succulents, I finally had the chance to replant a few over the weekend. 

Even though I teach food related courses as a Family and Consumer Science teacher (formally know as Home Economics), I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to growing a garden. Cooking fresh food from the garden is definitely something that I enjoy. But between my husband and I, he has more of the green thumb and mostly tends to the garden throughout the season. When I told him I wanted to plant a few succulents from my parent's lake place, he left that task to me. 

After reading that succulents are hardy little things that like sunshine and sandy soil, I decided to recreate their terrain as best that I could. By simply digging up some soil at the lake near the patch of succulents I snagged, I used that to fill an empty pot in our sunny backyard. Our son helped with moving the dirt, a good outdoor activity for a toddler!  The succulents were then placed on top with sticking the little roots into the sandy dirt. 

I am no gardening wizard, so I am hopeful my first attempt at transferring succulents from one terrain to the next is a success! If so, I am already dreaming up little boxes to build for a mini succulent garden to sell at next year's craft fairs.