Three Reasons Why I Enjoy Craft Fairs

Craft Fair Booth Display

This past Saturday I spent the morning drinking coffee, standing near my booth, and chatting with lots of women about signs, potential wedding flowers, and things going on in their lives at home.  Eleven vendors participated in a small craft fair located in Morris, MN.  If you happened to have missed it, don't worry because there will likely be another one coming up December 3rd.  As the date nears and more decisions are made, more details will be posted.  

To recap the overall experience from the day, I decided to outline three reasons why I enjoy craft fairs.  Thinking about my first craft fair that I participated in just over a year ago, I was nervous for a variety of reasons. 

What would people think? 
What should I make? 
What will people like? 
What will people not like? 
What will I say? 

And the questions went on and on.  Fortunately, I just decided to give it a whirl and I am so glad I did because I feel more confident than ever before and I have found more joy in the gifts that God has given me.  So, let me continue and explain the...

Three Reasons Why I Enjoy Craft Fairs

Amanda Holding Eucalyptus
  1. Creative Process

    Thinking about how I would like the overall display to look like is one of the first things that comes to my mind when I consider participating in a craft fair or event.  I am sure other people will begin the process differently (such as how much inventory to bring and logistics), but that is just how my brain works.  Envisioning the overall end result and then working backwards to determine what I need to do to complete the intended look is my design process. 

    For this event, I knew that I wanted to bring in some fresh greens to give me an excuse and reason to practice different arrangements.  So that is what I did, bought some greens and played. The morning of the event I didn't set aside enough time to create the full and lush looking eucalyptus garland that I was hoping for, so I hung what I could and followed up the next day when I had more time to take it apart and try it again.  I am so pleased with how the final garland turned out that I hung it in our dining room.  It smells great and adds a little bit of life to such a big and blank wall.  It will also serve as part of my display later this week at Rooted and possibility into January, depending on how well it dries.  
  2. Connecting with People

    Chatting with the customers originally started as a point in the experience that made me a little nervous.   I have always felt like more of a shy/introverted person so this part of the experience did not always come naturally to me.  Although something that I have improved upon while being a teacher for the past five years has been my public speaking and ability to connect with people even if it is just for a short conversation before they move on to the next booth. 

    I was able to meet a new mom that has recently moved to the community and I am looking forward to future play dates with our kids.  I gave out hugs to dear friends that I have not seen in a while.  And after reflecting, it is moments like these that make me feel like the entire day was worth it, regardless of how much income came in or expenses were lost.  Money is just a wash in the end but relationships will last a lifetime and beyond.  

    One more thing to note about connecting was that the day leading up to this craft fair, on a whim I decided to post a picture to my Facebook and IG pages asking for advice as to what to paint on a few mini signs I had available.  To my surprise, I had an overwhelming response!  People were commenting with so many great ideas and it was fun to connect with people in the design process as opposed to the sales process.
  3. They Stretch Me

Obviously not physically.  But they make me step outside my comfort zone just enough to feel like I am finding that flow in life.

Creatively, I get the freedom to dream, design and build.  Emotionally, I have to recognize that not everyone shares my aesthetic and there will be many that walk straight past my booth.  And that is totally okay!


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my recap on why I enjoy craft fairs.  

Eucalyptus Garland
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Blank Signs