Trial and Error


Trial and error. That has been my motto this summer when designing and building new items for the craft fairs I have lined up for the fall and winter. It has been fun trying new techniques, different materials, and recreating patterns to improve and expand my knowledge base. Even if I weren't a teacher, I would still stand by the "learning is fun" statement. 

A benefit of having a locally owned lumberyard, fabric store, and hardware store in town, is being able to ask questions and stop in on a quick errand-run with our kids. Maybe the employees have just been extra nice to me since I have a blonde hair, blue eyes little boy with curious hands or a toothless baby smiling at everyone she sees. But I am happy to say I think shopping local is what makes this experimenting phase so enjoyable. People are always there to answer questions, carry out products, and provide their personal opinion on something new I am contemplating. 

While I am no where near done learning about what I have set out to this past summer, I can say it has been enriching and I look forward to dabbling into new territories that are ahead. It all started with pieces I am happy to display in our home, the words FAITH and HOME will continue to be words packed full of meaning and will always be welcomed anywhere in our house (or yours!).