Triangle Shelf


Now that I am towards the end of my 20s (gasp), it is interesting to look back and reflect on the growth I have made over the years. I have evolved into a person that is more true and authentic to myself than what I was at eighteen. Even though I thought I had my ten year plan figured out at my high school graduation, there were going to be some unexpected, yet welcomed, changes ahead. Growth takes time and experience. 

My design aesthetic has been fun for me to explore to see what I am drawn to in the world of clothing and design. What I am loving lately is simplicity and clean lines. Stripes and neutrals are my new go to when choosing how to decorate our home or when putting an outfit together. Looking at my closet ten years ago I would have seen every color of the rainbow in there multiple times. Now I peek at my closet and have it organized by color and see far more black, navy, and white. I guess you could say I feel more subtle and soft spoken in that color palette and most of the time, that is my preference. Of course I have pinks and reds for when I am feeling festive, but it is not overcrowding my closet like how it used to in my teens. 

With wanting to diy a lot of our house projects to save money, wall decor has been something I have been slowly tackling. Shelves I have grown to love because decor can be easily changed out by season or when I am ready for a change. This triangle shelf fits in well with the overall look of our home. Clean lines and interesting to look at when paired with complimentary decor. A fun build that I am excited to sell at the upcoming craft fair I have been preparing for over the past few weeks.