Vegetable Pizza


I truly enjoy eating my veggies. Steamed, roasted, blanched, raw... I like them prepared in every which way. One of my all time favorite ways of eating them is in pizza form. It is a little healthy and a little naughty, making it a treat that I am always happy to see at potlucks or family gatherings. 

Of course the broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and bell peppers make this side a little healthier. But the crescent roll crust and cream cheese, mayo, and ranch seasoning packet layer bring out a little more of the indulgence side. To me, it is kind of like dessert. Tastes so good that I want seconds right away. 

It also does not hurt that this side dish is easy to look at, the colors from the vegetables really pop. Especially against a simple white serving platter. Last week I picked up a beautiful oval off-white platter from a garage sale for one dollar. Which saved me twenty plus dollars that I could have spent on a brand new one from a department store. I love saving money. And I also love vegetable pizza.  

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