​Wedding Decor Collection


It's Friday! The first Friday of new year, to be exact. All week I have been thinking of my resolutions and mindfully trying to incorporate them into my daily routines. This year I was more vague with my goals and left them open ended with the hopes of slowly creating new habits rather than forcing goals like I have done in the past (which never stick). A few of my resolutions are: 

•drink more water  

•eat more vegetables 

•move more 

•more digital-free time

•crochet more

•read more

•more handwritten cards

•explore my creativity more 

This photo is an example of my last resolution, explore. While I was in our local fabric store this week, I came across a bolt of canvas and decided to buy a yard to see what I could do with it. After gaining some pinspiration, this "cheers" canvas banner is my first prototype for the new line I am creating.  

It will be a Wedding Decor Collection line that I will be debuting at the Lakes Area Wedding Expo at Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Alexandria, MN January 22. If you know of anyone getting married, encourage them to check it out and stop by to say hello!