Weekends at Home


Our weekends in the summer are not what they used to be, and that is fine by me. Before we had children, nearly every weekend in June, July, and August were spent either going to the lake, meeting up with friends, attending a wedding, or hitting up a town festival. Weekends were busy! Fridays were spent picking up groceries, packing, and loading the cooler. Sunday evenings were spent resting on the couch, slowly working my way through a couple loads of laundry, and realizing that it is back to the grind the next day. Not only were those weekends busy and expensive, but they were part of a chapter in my life filled with memories I will cherish forever. 

Nowadays with two kids our summer weekends have changed a bit. What used to be sleeping in after a late night around a bonfire has changed to 6 am wake up calls from our son who is ready to watch some Elmo after a night that I was up every two hours with our baby girl. We also still load up and travel for weekends at the lake, but instead of a small overnight bag with sun dresses and a swimsuit, our car is now loaded with baby gadgets like a clunky stroller, pack n play, and way too many extra onesies because we all know that blow outs tend to happen when we are out and about.

With less weekends spent traveling across the state, we have found that summer weekends at home with just the four of us are just as enjoyable. Quick trips to the park for a picnic and running around in our sprinkler barefoot bring so much joy. If we are lucky and both kids nap at the same time, projects in the garage can finally be tackled without putting on what feels like a million layers to stay warm from the winter chill. This past Sunday was one of those afternoons. I am in the midst of preparing for my first craft fair and projects are in full swing. With less than two weeks to go, weekends at home have been fully embraced.