Why I Quit Teaching


"Why did you quit teaching?"

That is the question I have struggled to answer into words ever since I made the decision back in July. The decision to resign was not made lightly and was something I contemplated for years.

For me, it was HARD to stand in front of a classroom day in and day out. I put a smile on my face everyday so from the outside everything appeared to be just fine. But on the inside, I was torn. Sure, things did get easier with every year under my belt. Over time I became more comfortable and confident with myself which is needed in order to plan, prep, and teach 25 lessons each and every week. That alone, I am forever grateful for how teaching helped to shape me into who I am today. There's no doubt in my mind that I was meant to be there for that chapter in my life.

But there was always something lingering inside of me that was wondering what was next for my life story. An indescribable feeling that was weighing heavy on my heart and mind and only continued to build over time.

Last July I was an emotional wreck. I knew God was telling me it was time. Time for a new chapter for growth. But I was resistant, nervous, and ultimately scared that I didn't have a solid plan in place.

What I did know was that I was going back to school for residential design and it may take a while to get a job in the industry. But besides that, there were a lot of uncertainties.

This past year I have grown a lot in my faith and have learned to trust that He has a plan and it's the only plan I need to follow.

For the longest time I felt guilty that I left what some may consider a safe or secure job. When I bumped into former colleagues, parents, or students I felt like I had to justify my reason to leave in two quick sentences.

It wasn't until recently that I finally felt clarity and peace. His plan sometimes can feel like a curvy and hilly road, but light always shines along the way. I have met fabulous and inspiring people during my short time at the SCEIC, I have recentered my priorities, I am excited for new job opportunities, and we are so eager to welcome another little baby.

May peace be with you during this chapter of your life.