Woman's Expo Recap

Today was wonderful in so many ways. My creative bucket is full and ready for more. At today's Woman's Expo, I participated as a craft vendor. Mostly taking pre-orders for custom hand painted signs, I also had a few baby headbands for sale and signs available for purchase. 

When I was asked to join, I was hesitant. Would I have enough time? Would I have enough to showcase? Would people even like it? The doubts in my mind were swirling around but something told me to give it a try anyways. Even this morning as I was making my breakfast I felt nervous about what to expect. Thankfully, I only have positive things to say about my experience.  

The organizers were very prepared, accommodating, and welcoming as I began setting up my display. The other vendors walked around the gym before the doors  opened at 9 and were so encouraging and excited to see the variety throughout the building. Once the doors opened, my nerves went away as I started chatting with the customers. With it being a holiday expo, you could feel the Christmas spirit throughout the space. 

After the event, I walked away from the experience with excitement of what the future may hold for Amanda Nygaard Designs. While mingling, I made a few connections that really got my mind spinning the whole way home. With the end of the Christmas season in the near future, I have begun to think about what may be next for me. I have always loved weddings, which means that may be the next market I investigate. Stay tuned, friends!