Wood Art


It has been a long time since I have used a power tool. Since my high school years may have been my last time which was when shop class was in fact my favorite class. I loved seeing a project come to life. I loved the creativity and craftsmanship required to design and build a one of a kind piece.

Over the years with college and apartment living I did not have the space nor tools to build how I used to in class. My confidence with operating the tools was also lost along the way. But lucky for me, my husband also enjoys diy projects and woodworking so he has been slowly collecting tools since we got married. My husband is also a great teacher and is patient with me as I ask questions and slowly familiarize myself with "our" tools. Wood art has been my latest interest and seeing the different geometric shapes come together to form a pattern thrills me a little more than what it should.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I am preparing for my first craft fair and I loved that signing on as a vendor gave me the push I needed to bring back my creativity in the shop. Our garage has not seen a vehicle in it all summer as our workspace is spread throughout. Our dining room table has not been cleared for the past few weeks as it serves as my mock display table in preparation for the craft fair. Things may be a little cluttered around here, but my creativity has been through the roof and I am a whole lot happier in that state of mind.