Twigs to Sign

Our landscaping has been pretty neglected the past two summers. When we moved in, we had our eyes set on updating and remodeling the interior so the pruning and trimming of our shrubs was unfortunately forgotten.  When I took a step back and looked at our plants, it was very obvious that they were all overgrown.  They needed a haircut, bad.  Which lucky for me, all of the trimmings that were collected I was able to reuse for the "Twigs" - #SimpleDailyDIY design challenge from Sustain My Craft Habit.  Read more about what I made for the "Rope" challenge here and here.  

As you can see in the picture, I simple snipped the dead branches and formed them into the letter "N" trying to place the larger twigs on the ends and smaller twigs as fillers.  My plans are to hot glue them in place and apply stained pine board as trim.  Hoping to find some time during afternoon naps in the next couple of days to finish up.